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KRSNAA Diagnostics Pvt Ltd as the name implies, signifies a crystal clear vision in the emerging and rapidly evolving field of medical diagnostics. Diagnostics had always been subservient to the hospital industry in India and has always been considered as a poor cousin to the hospitals, long neglected, in terms of ambience, quality, patient comfort, turnaround times etc.Learn More

Disease Based testing

Disease specific diagnostic tests can help doctors ascertain the existence and severity of disease states and certain types of disorders so that they can provide effective treatments with a high degree of confidence. Over the years, with higher incidence of diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer, thyroid disorders etc. doctors have come to incrasingly rely upon disease specific tests along …Learn More


Dr .  Rajiv  is  an  experienced  clinical  consulting  pathologist  with  more  than  ten  years  of experience  in  various  fields  of  pathology .
Dr. Rajiv Rao, Vice President

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Tie up with hospitals attached to medical colleges across the country, to establish and operate the labs at these institutions. Established a presence across India through the PPP & education institution route.Learn More